Are you struggling with injury, fatigue and lack of motivation on the trail?

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Dear Adventurer,

I'm so happy you found this page!  It is an honor to connect with you.

You’re in the right place if you dream of going on big adventures... 

Take on that bucket list hike in the Grand Canyon with ease, fun & confidence.  
Run a marathon or 50k in the place of your dreams while feeling fit, strong and unstoppable.  
Hike the Appalachian Trail pain and injury free!   
Push your body to a level of excellence you never thought possible.


This is possible for YOU!  You can totally do this!


The adventure of your dreams is just one step away... Believe it!!


But I know you are struggling right now and that your body might be holding you back.    

You're in the right place if you are....

  • Experiencing an injury and going on that big adventure seems like a distant dream.  

  • Dealing with chronic pain such as plantar fasciitis, back or knee pain and it is keeping you from planning your next big hike or marathon.

  • Feeling unmotivated to train regularly and need that extra encouragement.

  • Putting off the conditioning that will make you feel strong & confident in reaching your goal.


Don't give up!  You are so close to fulfilling your dream adventure!


The adventure is possible and there are things you can do NOW to get closer to the reality of really going for it.

But these are things you are not doing right now, and the approach you need is completely different than what you have been doing.  It will be surprising, but there is absolutely something you can do.  

I know this approach works because it has worked for me.  


I am an Ironman finisher, marathoner and ultramarathon runner, long-distance swimmer and triathlete.  I am also an avid hiker and currently section hiking The Appalachian Trail.  I am an ACE certified Personal Trainer, 500 hour trained Yoga Instructor, and Chef.

I know what it is like to have nagging knee pain, plantar fasciitis and IT band syndrome during a run or a hike.  I have felt the struggle in my upper back when trying to complete long distance events.  I used to go on adventures and think more about being tired rather than enjoying the view and exhilaration of the experience.  I have experience self-doubt looming overhead like a cloud blocking me from my fullest potential.  I know what it’s like!  You are not alone!


I want to invite you to get started and apply for an "Adventure Ready" Discovery Session with me so you can enjoy the trail injury free with ease, confidence and fun.

This is your next step toward making your dream adventure a reality... 


Your Discovery Session is a 1:1 call where we will:

  • Uncover the biggest challenges that are holding you back from going on that dream adventure.

  • Discover what you need to make that dream adventure happen!  Believe me, it is possible!

  • Get the clarity and courage to say YES! to that desire inside and go for it!

  • Learn what it really takes to tackle big goals while still enjoying the process.

    Every decision you make is either a step toward or away from that dream adventure.  Don't wait any longer!!

    Apply right away.   My schedule fills up quickly and I have a limited number of sessions available.

I look forward to serving you in your "Adventure Ready" Discovery Session!

All my love and fiercely encouraging you toward that dream adventure.



Heather Feather