Heather's Corporate Wellness Retreats bring focus and clarity to your company's mission while renewing employee's energy and enthusiasm. She accomplishes this with customized, unique environments and activities focused on finding balance within the workday. Each day will be laced with yoga, meditation, and delicious healthy food. 



Nutrition Affects Productivity

Heather's meals are delicious and wholesome. She offers cooking classes on the retreat so you can recreate them at home! Check out her recipes here.

Nature Improves Work Performance

Really! Check out this article.


Meditation Enhances Creativity

It may sound intimidating, but Heather guides relaxing meditation sessions that can benefit your day to day.


Heather includes introductory yoga videos before the retreat so everyone feels confident during the sessions. As an added option, she can lead yoga classes in your office, ensuring a seamless practice on the retreat.

Traveling to one of Heather's favorite destinations will bring a new perspective, build, and strengthen the connections and communications with your team.

Choose from one of Heather's favorite locations:

Red River Gorge
Hocking Hills
Lake Michigan
The Smokey Mountains
Appalachian Trail Area
Or pick your own!