Top 10 Reasons To Visit Mt Leconte Lodge & The Smoky Mountains

I hope you will join me this July for The Be Fierce & Flourish Mt Leconte Climb Adventure!  It's going to be amazing.  Read the 10 reasons why below!

10. Mt Leconte Lodge is the highest guest lodge in the Eastern United States and is just one of only 5 Hike In Lodges in The United States.

8. The hike up to the lodge is AMAZING with scenic views galore!!!

7. You will experience unforgettable sunsets and sunrises.

6. There are amazing rivers!!

5. We will float down The Little River in an inner tubes after hiking up Mt Leconte - you will be refreshed and be delighted by the small rapids on the float.

4. We will eat amazing food!!

3. It is ONLY 4 hours from Cincinnati!!!

2. We will rock out with yoga and meditation on the mountain top - you will be transformed.

1. You will feel like a BADASS when you reach the top of Mt Leconte and by the time you head home - you will be ready to be so fierce to flourish!!

Top 5 Yoga Stretches for Hikers & Runners

I run and hike.....ALOT!  I would not be going the distances I go or doing it as often as I do if I did not practice yoga on a regular basis.  restorative yoga is my favorite type of yoga because I am a naturally busy person and love to move.  Restorative yoga makes me slow down and my mind and body benefit a ton.  If you are like me and love to exercise you will no doubt love restorative yoga too.  Check out my 5 favorite stretches with photos below to give you a visual.  I hope this will help to keep you on the trail and on course with your fitness goals!  I hope to see you on an Into The Wild Tour Yoga, Hiking & Food Adventure!

1) Toes Pose.  Curl your toes under and sit back on your heals.  Do the best you can and try to keep the heels together.  Do this for 1 minute.
2) Low Lunge.  Place on foot forward and the other leg back down on the knee.  Shift your weight forward to stretch the quad.  Do each side 3-5 minutes.
3) Standing Forward Fold.  Stand with your feet together or hip distance.  Fold forward and place your hands on blocks or on the floor.  Take deep breaths and hold 3-5 minutes.
4) Calvesasana - Roll up a blanket and place it between the calves and thighs.  Come into virasana or hero's pose.  The blanket stretches the calves horizontally and gives you a nice stretch to prevent plantar faciitis.  Hold 3-5 minutes, rocking from side to side.
5) Wide Leg Forward Fold Tiger Stretch - Place your feet wide, toes turned in and fold forward. Keep your butt back over your heels and crawl your fingertips forward like you are a tiger or tigress.  Keep your butt back and toes turned inward.  Breath deeply for 3-5 minutes.