Join Heather's Life in Balance Tribe!

Life in Balance is a way of living. Being a part of the Life in Balance Tribe means you are committed to a healthier way of life overall to help you reveal your most radiant self! When we rise and shine everyone around us does the same.  With Heather's guidance, and support from other participants in the Private Facebook Group as part of the 5-Day Real Food Reset, you will be inspired to break free from unhealthy habits. 


Participate in strength, yoga and healthy eating to be a part of the Life in Balance Tribe.  

If you Personal Train with Heather or participate in her monthly Bootcamp classes, you will receive her weekly yoga class for free and a 50% discount on the 5-Day Real Food Reset! Participate in all three to be a part of this awesome community!

Become a member of the Tribe!  

If you are already training with Heather, contact her to get the discount code for the 5-Day Real Food Reset. If you are not currently Personal Training or Bootcamping with Heather, contact her to sign up and you will instantly receive the weekly yoga class at The Barn for free and a 50% discount on the monthly 5-Day Real Food Reset.