Ayurveda 101  Featuring Layla Gilman Reed

Ayurveda is yoga’s sister science and one of the oldest holistic healing systems of medicine. Ayurveda teaches us how to live in rhythm with nature in order to stay balanced, grow, and thrive. In order for each of us to fulfill our dharma, our unique life’s purpose, we need to be our healthiest and happiest self. We can do this by becoming aligned with nature’s rhythms and embracing our particular elemental constitution.  In this workshop we will explore the five elements, our unique elemental nature or “dosha,” how we get out of balance, and what will help bring us back into balance. We’ll learn some simple daily/seasonal routines, nutrition and lifestyle practices that set us off in the direction of healthy, vibrant, dharmic juiciness!

Align & Flow Featuring Erin Trentel

This soulful class blends alignment focus and mindful flow to help you strengthen your connection to center and to encourage an even greater freedom of spirit. Fit new beginners and experienced practitioners alike are welcome to join us as we offer variations specific to their unique level as we increase core strength, expand flexibility and encourage true harmony.

The Joy Is In The Journey Featuring Lilias Folan

In her trademark soothing, upbeat personal style Lilias shares ways to guide your journey one step, one breath at a time. A fun, enjoyable paced yoga class for your "morning body." Use energy breathing and pain-free stretching in preparation for your morning asana and meditation practice. Practical skills to manage life's stressful moments. Connect with your bliss body.

Hike & Seek Featuring Gina Fennell
Join Project Yoga Executive Director, Gina Fennell, for a guided 3-mile hike through Redbird Hollow, including mindful hiking instructions, trail side meditations and yoga. Enjoy a total sensory immersion outdoors, experiencing the combination of mindful awareness and relaxation that only your effort and mother nature can provide. Techniques will be offered along that way to help you take your practice out of the woods and into the world.  Suitable for all levels.