Create your own 10, 30 or 60 minute Restorative Yoga Practice NOW!


Do each pose for 1 to 5 minutes to create a the blissful yoga practice on any given day.  Learn the poses and then use your intuition to create the practice you need.



Downward Facing Dog with a Strap

In this version of downward facing dog you will put a strap around your upper arm bones to encourage the shoulders to open and the head and neck to relax.  Now, go stretch your beautiful spine!


Toes Pose

I love "Toes Pose."  It is super important to keep the feet open and.  The feet impact the health of your knees and hips, so keep 'em good and stretched!


Hero's Pose

Hero's Pose can be challenging.  You should not feel a stretch in your knees.  If you do, simply add more height under your bottom.  You will feel a deep stretching in the quads and the tops of the feet.  It's AWESOME!


Heart Bench

The Heart Bench is a fantastic chest and heart open.  Use this pose when you are feeling emotionally closed off or simply when the chest needs opening from sitting at a computer too long or looking at your cell phone ;)  You can also use a rolled up blanket under your upper back if the block feels too invasive.


Side Stretch

Open up the side body!  This is a passive way to stretch your sides.  Simply lay over the bolster and relax.  There is no need to exert any energy here.  You will feel a few inches taller after doing this stretch!  Yay!  


Hamstring Stretch

You leg might shake in this stretch.  That is OK!  Be sure to keep the shoulders relaxed and the breath flowing.  Remember to press through the ball of the foot that is on the ground.  Keep the face nice and relaxed :)


Legs Up The Wall

Legs Up The Wall is awesome to do after a long run or hike to decrease inflammation in the legs.  I also like doing this pose before bed.  It helps to deeply relax the body and nervous system.  Slow your breathing down as you relax your lower back into the earth.


Reclined Bound Angle Pose

Reclined Bound Angle Pose is another you can do solo.  It is great to end with in this sequence, but you can also do it alone to deeply relax.  If your inner thighs feel overstretched simply add more padding under your knees.  ENJOY!!!