MAY 18th-21st, 2017


Imagine driving down a gravel road to your cabin (yes, we are staying in a plush cabin for this adventure!) and a river that makes your jaw drop appears around the bend.  The Toccoa river is big, beautiful and wild.  You feel a thrill run through your spine just thinking about kayaking down that river! The cabins are just a short drive down the road.  You continue onward and have a difficult time taking your eyes off the sparkling water. 

It feels like you have stepped into a movie and your mind feels ready to embrace the process of paving your own amazing life path...

Rivermac - living room1.jpg

You pull up to the cabins in awe of your home for the next few days!  The cabins sit right on the river!  The perfect place for contemplating your uniquely wild life path.  You know immediately this is going to be a great long weekend full of adventure, laughter, exploration and community.  Check out the cabins here: Cabin 1 and Cabin 2

As you walk into the cabin you are greeted by friendly faces and delicious smells! Dinner is in the oven and it is time to kick back and enjoy.  After settling in dinner awaits followed by gentle yoga, intention setting and getting to know your fellow adventurers.  

You sleep soundly while listening to the river flow over the rocks and awaken with great anticipation of a day full of your favorite things!  Perhaps you decide to start with the morning meditation and yoga class offering, a delicious & healthy breakfast, and then take off for a fun day of hiking and kayaking.  

The beauty is that it is up to YOU!  This is YOUR journey.  This is YOUR path

You wind down the amazing day with a glass of wine, the hot tub and a bonfire on the riverside.  

An evening is enjoyed by all down by the river on the night before heading to The Len Foote Hike Inn, one of 5 lodges in the United States you can only reach by foot.  After a post-hike restorative yoga class and an amazing dinner it is the perfect way to wind down.  You enjoy star gazing and sharing stories with everyone about the day.

The best part is there are two more days of fun left!

The excitement of the 5-mile hike to The Len Foote Hike Inn is growing and you are ready for the challenge and adventure of exploring a new place!  The hike to the lodge is a moderate and perfectly challenging 5-mile hike.  You are ready because you have been getting out on the trail regularly to prepare.  It is going to be awesome to start the hike where many people begin the 2,200 mile journey from Georgia to Maine.

You begin to ponder hiking the entirety of The Appalachian Trail yourself...the possibilities are endless!


It feels amazing to arrive at The Len Foote Hike Inn after hiking those 5-miles up to the lodge.  This was the perfect adventure to get you out of your comfort zone and to begin paving the way for your new life journey. The waterfall at Amicalola and the hike was amazing and everyone is enjoying a warm, hearty meal at the Inn. A warm shower calls and it is time to enjoy the sunset and conversation.

After a weekend full of adventure you are filled with a sense of accomplishment as you drive home, feel like you can do anything and are ready to take one more step in the direction of your dream life!

When is the next adventure?!